Nagyrédei Szőlők Borforgalmazó Ltd.

Nagyrédei Szőlők Borforgalmazó Ltd.

Complete cooling system replacement at Nagyrédei Borforgalmazó Ltd.

Nagyrédei Szőlők Borforgalmazó Ltd. is a prominent winemaking hub located in the historic Mátra wine region. Since its inception, the company has focused on nurturing the wine-making traditions of Nagyréde while also addressing the evolving consumer and market demands.

The vineyard stretches across the southern slopes of the Mátra region from Hatvan to Domoszló, covering over 33,000 hectares. Annually, the grapes harvested from this estate are processed in a winemaking facility capable of producing 9-10 million bottles of wine, utilizing modern techniques that meet contemporary standards.

The task

As part of the ongoing development of this historic winery, a complete replacement of the cooling system for the tank park was necessary.

Special challenge

The newly designed complex system needed to be fully compatible with the existing tank infrastructure. We had just one month available to design, manufacture, and replace the system.

Our solution

We replaced the outdated system with two modern, high-capacity stainless steel cooling systems capable of meeting the increased demands of the winery’s tank park.

The project in numbers

Total length of installed pipes

3000 meters

Total capacity of cooled tanks

100,000 hectoliters

Construction duration of the system

5 weeks

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