Machine park

Machine park
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From professional hand tools to industrial equipment

Our technical expertise and professional capabilities allow us to conduct manufacturing either at our facility or on-site, depending on the size of the tank. The price of our products includes loading onto trucks at our facility, and we recommend professional freight partners for the task. Our machine park is fully equipped to handle all aspects of metal fabrication, tank manufacturing, and technological pipe systems.

Plate shears

Our plate shears are essential for cutting raw materials to the precise size needed for tank manufacturing. The machine can handle stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum sheets up to 3000 mm wide and 16 mm thick.

Press Brake

Our press brake is used for the cold bending of sheet metal components and can quickly and accurately bend larger sheets. Positioned sheets are formed into the desired shape by a specially designed head and counter-profile using a hydraulic mechanism.


This process is suitable for rolling steel, aluminum, or other specialty flat sheets into curved surfaces and cones. We roll sheets necessary for tank manufacturing up to 10 mm in thickness.


Our flanging machine is designed for rolling the edges of sheets. Special flanging rollers give the desired shape to the tank sheets, handling diameters up to 4500 mm and thickness up to 8 mm.

Custom automatic scale machine

To enhance the aesthetic appearance of the tanks, we utilize a custom automatic scale machine. This equipment quickly and precisely creates attractive patterns, ensuring the surface quality of the material.

Welding equipment

For high-quality welding, we use products from the industry-leading company, Kemppi. The Kemppi Fastmig x 350 welding machine is ideal for us due to its high performance and portability.

Crane truck

For on-site installation of tanks, we have a crane truck with a 13-ton capacity. Larger tank transport and installation are carried out with the help of our subcontractor.

Self-propelled boom lift

For high-altitude tasks, such as welding large tank elements, we use our self-propelled boom lifts. These machines are designed to be safely used both indoors and outdoors due to their versatile configuration.


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