Food-grade storage silos

Food-grade storage silos

Custom-designed food-grade storage silos

At our core, we extend our expertise beyond winemaking to accommodate a wide spectrum of food industry needs. Our production adheres to hygiene standards required in food processing, rendering our tanks ideal for dairy, fruit processing, beverage, and brewery applications. Tailoring our food-grade and sugar industry tanks to the specific needs of each sector, we select the most suitable materials for every application. Our portfolio includes the manufacturing of tanks in acid-resistant, stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum, all outfitted with custom mixing systems and ancillary equipment.

To meet the diverse requirements of our clients, we offer additional customization options such as insulation, integrated cooling and heating systems, and pressure-resistant designs.

Brewing industry

Leveraging our advanced manufacturing technology, we create premium quality fermenters in both horizontal and vertical designs, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Fruit based products

Our versatile tanks are designed for the efficient storage, treatment, and processing of fruit juices and concentrates, catering to the diverse needs of the soft drink production industry.

Dairy processing

We design, manufacture, and install easily sanitized tanks, making them ideal for dairy applications, precisely aligned with user needs for optimal hygiene and efficiency.

CIP systems

Clean In Place (CIP) systems offer an efficient solution for on-site cleaning of food industry tanks and piping systems, seamlessly integrating into automated production lines without necessitating equipment disassembly.

By circulating cleaning solutions at increased flow rates and temperatures, CIP systems effectively cleanse tanks and their associated piping. The system comprises cleaning solution storage vessels and the necessary machinery (pumps and valves). This setup guarantees unparalleled standards of cleanliness and sterility.

Winemaking and processing equipment

Mixing solutions

To accommodate the storage and processing needs of food products, a variety of mixing systems are essential. Featuring both single and multi-arm agitators, these systems excel in the gentle and effective movement of even the densest liquids. For the management of large liquid volumes, we additionally incorporate high-efficiency propeller mixers.

Our certifications guaranteeing operational excellence

Surface treatment

In alignment with the rigorous standards of the food industry, our tanks are finished with a variety of surface treatments including pickled, matte, polished, mirror, and electropolished options. These finishes not only enhance the tank’s resistance to contaminants but also simplify the cleaning and sterilization processes.

Tailored to the specific nature of the stored substance, our expertly applied treatments significantly improve the tank’s resistance to wear, extending both its functional life and overall value.

Temperature and pressure control tanks

Designed with precision for the food industry, our tanks are built to accurately maintain designated temperatures and pressures, complete with all necessary fittings. Whether you need single or double-walled configurations, our custom solutions cater to the safe storage of even gas-producing substances.

Furthermore, we create insulated and temperature-controlled systems that maintain stable temperatures essential for various food industry processes.

Standard equipment for food-grade storage silos

Cylindrical shell
Closure mechanism
Material transfer ports
Support structure
Probes and access points

Optional accessories


CIP system

Cladding, shell

Specialized internal surface treatment

Automated control


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