Chemical storage tanks

Chemical storage tanks
Tailor-made chemical storage tanks for chemical and hazardous materials

Tailor-made chemical storage tanks for chemical and hazardous materials

In the chemical industry, the diversity in chemical properties of materials necessitates specific storage conditions and material quality of containers. Only manufacturers certified for this purpose can make tanks suitable for storing chemical materials. In line with this, our factory specializes in the fabrication of tanks specifically certified for the storage of chemical and hazardous materials, to withstand a broad spectrum of environmental conditions, from maintaining stable temperatures – both low and high – to resisting varying pressures.

Tailored to the specific chemical properties of the material to be stored, our tanks are meticulously planned out, from their structural integrity to the incorporation of specialized auxiliary systems such as advanced cooling and heating mechanisms. Safety, alongside corrosion resistance, is paramount in our design process, reflecting our commitment to producing tanks that not only meet but exceed operational safety standards. Utilizing superior materials like AISI 316L stainless steel or higher-grade alloyed steel, for the management of chemical substances.

Our versatile tanks serve across multiple industries, including but not limited to textiles, petrochemicals, chemicals, dyes, paints, batteries, steel, rubber, plastics, and paper.

Acid-resistant tanks

Manufactured from specially treated steel, these tanks offer resistance against harsh substances including petroleum products, crude oil, sulfuric acid, and ethylene.

Pressure-resistant tanks

Our tanks are equipped to handle various chemicals that are stable under different pressures, featuring customized fittings to match the intended conditions.

Temperature-controlled tanks

Recognizing the need for maintaining constant temperatures for certain materials, we offer tanks equipped with advanced temperature regulation systems.

Mixing solutions

To meet the demands of the chemical industry for the storage or processing of raw materials requiring continuous agitation, our tanks can be outfitted with high-performance mixers.

Our chemical storage tanks are manufactured with precision to align with our clients’ specific needs.

Custom design

Our chemical storage tanks are manufactured with precision to align with our clients’ specific needs. Whether integrating into a new setting or upgrading an existing facility, our approach ensures seamless adaptation. The process commences with an on-site evaluation, setting the stage for a collaborative design phase with our client. Manufacturing of small and medium-sized tanks is conducted in our production facility, before on-site installation. For large-scale projects demanding substantial capacity, we execute the build directly at the installation site.

Features of chemical storage tanks

Optimal material quality and expert manufacturing technology.

Chemical resistance

Ensuring the ideal conditions for the substances stored within the tank.

Temperature and pressure regulation

For certain chemicals that necessitate constant agitation.

Mixing solutions

Our certifications

Beyond our general organizational and welding technology certifications, we possess specialized certifications that attest to our expertise and preparedness for various chemical industry applications.

Hazardous liquids or melts storage tanks

Regulated under the 1/2016. (I. 5.) NGM decree, our certifications cover the technical safety requirements for storage tanks and facilities designed for hazardous liquids or melts. This includes the manufacture, on-site technological assembly, repair/modification, periodic inspection, and cleaning of storage facilities.

Pressure equipment and systems

Our expertise extends to pressure equipment and systems, governed by the 44/2016. (XI.28.) NGM decree. This regulation outlines the safety requirements and conformity assessment for pressure equipment and systems, incorporating the 2014/68/EU directive into the national legal framework.

Stainless steel pickling and other resistance enhancement technologies

The corrosion resistance of stainless and acid-resistant steel can be compromised during manufacturing by various factors. Some of these are avoidable, such as improper grinding techniques, mixing of different types of steel in joints, or exposure to acids and alkalis beyond the material’s resistance level. Moreover, manufacturing processes like welding, punching, bending, rolling, and laser cutting can also diminish the finished tank’s resistance. Therefore, surface treatment of the steel is crucial to ensure durability.

Technologies employed to enhance resistance include:

  • chemical and electrochemical pickling, and
  • passivation.

Standard equipment for chemical storage tanks

Cylindrical shell
Closure mechanism
Material transfer ports
Support structure
Probes and access points

Optional accessories


Carbon steel material

Cladding, shell

Mixing device


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