Machine parts manufacturing

Machine parts manufacturing
Maintenance, repair, and machine parts manufacturing services in hungary

Maintenance, repair, and machine parts manufacturing services

With years of industry experience, a fully equipped machine shop, and advanced technological capabilities, our company is well-prepared to meet our clients’ needs for machine part manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance tasks. In addition to our machine part manufacturing services, we also offer comprehensive machine installation and maintenance.

Our machine shop is adept at producing a wide variety of custom components and small batch productions, whether it’s a gear, shaft, or a component for agricultural machinery. Based on blueprints or prototype samples, we plan the manufacturing process of each part, produce it, and then handle the installation. In cases of machine maintenance or repair, we assess the condition of the equipment, manufacture any necessary parts, and then complete the assembly of the device.

Led by a team of certified structural and mechanical engineers, we have successfully completed hundreds of servicing and repair projects, manufacturing nearly five hundred parts in our workshop.

Machine maintenance

Machine maintenance

We provide recurring maintenance services to our partners to prevent downtime and operational disruptions caused by machine failures. Maintenance schedules are carefully aligned with production downtime to allow for thorough inspections and servicing of the entire machinery. Our expertise spans from general mechanical repairs to sourcing or manufacturing necessary parts, and ultimately, complete reassembly.

Regular maintenance simplifies the operation of any factory by reducing the likelihood of machine failures and enabling predictable budgeting for expenses. Wear and tear on parts can be anticipated, allowing for parts to be ordered or manufactured between maintenance sessions, thereby minimizing downtime.

Key maintenance processes include:



Documentation replacement

Part replacement and repair


Machine installation

Why choose our machine maintenance service?

Custom part fabrication

on short notice

Scheduled maintenance

for optimal time management

Comprehensive inspection and repair

of individual machines or entire facilities
Machine repair and service

Machine repair and service

We offer professional machine repair services, providing a cost-effective solution when you lack the in-house expertise. Opting for our services can save significant costs compared to hiring new staff or investing in new equipment. Whether it’s on-site work or machines brought in for service, we start with a thorough assessment to diagnose the issue. Once identified, we use the appropriate tools and parts to restore the machine to its fully operational state.

If no original blueprints are available for a needed part, we are able to work from sample pieces.

Why choose our machine repair and service?

Repair of custom machinery

even without technical documentation

Emergency repairs

to minimize downtime

Immediate part manufacturing

for machines under repair
Custom machine part manufacturing

Custom machine part manufacturing

We specialize in the production of unique, small-scale machine parts, tools, and machine units with complex geometries. Using traditional metalworking techniques, we produce prototypes and small batches that are heat-treated and precision-ground. Additionally, by involving our subcontractors, we also undertake medium to large-scale component manufacturing using NC and CNC-controlled machines. Our milling and turning operations are carried out with high precision across a wide range of sizes, and we offer coating and surface treatment services as well.

We manufacture replacement parts for older machines that no longer have service support, even based on sample parts in small batches, ensuring your trusted equipment remains operational.

Moreover, we handle 3D modeling of unique machine elements, parts, and tools. The design process is accompanied by technical drawings and detailed documentation. We also create workshop drawings and assembly drawings for the machine industry. If necessary, we can create a 3D model of a part from a 2D drawing, formatted and parameterized according to specific requirements. This process requires preliminary and ongoing consultations to precisely define the project scope and ensure the final product meets all specifications.

Why choose our custom machine part manufacturing service?

Surface and heat treatment

to enhance material quality

Diverse machining processes

tailored to the specific part you need

2D and 3D modeling

with technical documentation if needed


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