Stainless steel tank manufacturing

Stainless steel tank manufacturing
Stainless steel tank manufacturing

Custom aluminum and stainless steel tank manufacturing to meet unique requirements

A tank made from aluminum, carbon steel, or stainless steel represents a long-term investment. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to creating products that not only align with the latest trends in the industry but are also custom-designed to fulfill the precise requirements and aspirations of our clients. Our approach combines deep expertise with meticulous planning, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with the utmost precision and quality.

With the right certifications, extensive experience, and specialized knowledge at our disposal, we are equipped to handle the production of exceptional tanks of any specification. We prioritize using the optimal material for each project, thus we are proficient in tank manufacturing from stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum, tailored for both pressure and storage purposes. These tanks are outfitted with necessary fittings, and we offer additional services like third-party pressure testing and quality assurance, as per our clients’ requests.

Our portfolio extends beyond crafting tanks in the standard sizes of 100 to 150 m³ or larger. We are adept at producing smaller tanks or those designed for specific requirements, including cooled, insulated, or double-walled tanks, aimed at serving the winemaking, agricultural, food, and pharmaceutical industries with excellence.

Wine fermentation tanks

For capacities over 10 hectoliters, we manufacture the perfect stainless steel tank for your winery, whether for white or red wine, storage or aging.

Chemical storage tanks

Whether for high or low temperature, low or high pressure, insulated or non-insulated storage needs, optionally equipped with a mixing mechanism or other fittings.

Food-grade storage silos

We undertake the complete installation of tank systems for dairy processing, cheese making, juices, syrups, and other fruit-based or sugar industry products.

Agricultural tanks and fertilizer storage tanks

Tanks designed for corrosive agricultural substances are made from premium stainless steel, utilizing technologies that ensure their longevity.

Key features of stainless steel tanks

Custom design

Each tank is designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with the unique specifications of its environment

Superior material quality

The choice of materials for our tanks is aligned with the challenges presented by the substances they will store

Enhanced durability

Through thoughtful craftsmanship, we maintain the inherent quality of our materials

Materials for tank manufacturing

Acid-resistant steel tanks

Designed to combat the harshest of acidic environments, our acid-resistant steel tanks are a perfect match for the food industry, including viticulture, as well as agricultural and chemical sectors. Our duplex models withstand acidic conditions without compromising structural integrity.

Stainless steel tanks

Manufactured from premium stainless steel, our tanks offer unparalleled resistance to corrosion. They are made to store a wide range of fluids with varying pH levels for extended periods, even in outdoor settings. Ideal for winemaking, these tanks are customizable in size and configuration to meet your specific needs.

Carbon steel tanks

Utilizing high-grade carbon steel, our tanks are noted for their superior pressure resistance. They reliably preserve their structural integrity under the storage of materials subjected to extreme temperatures, both high and low. Our selection includes P355-certified pressure-resistant materials and P355 NL1 cold-resilient steel, ensuring durability and safety.

Aluminum tanks

Featuring high UV resistance, our aluminum tanks are hygienic, making them exceptionally suited for food industry applications. Their lightweight design simplifies installation and relocation processes. Additionally, these tanks can resist corrosive materials, making them versatile for storing various chemicals.

Tank manufacturing from special quality materials

Tank manufacturing from special quality materials

Leveraging the skill and experience of our team, complemented by our advanced technological and organizational capabilities, we are adept at processing materials that demand unique machining or welding methods. We excel in creating storage solutions for substances that pose specific challenges, meticulously selecting optimal raw materials and components. Our approach includes devising manufacturing processes that guarantee long-term durability, followed by executing production, delivery, and installation with unmatched precision and excellence.

stainless steel tank manufacturing

General process of stainless steel tank manufacturing

The journey towards creating a custom tank starts with an in-depth analysis of the location, the materials to be contained, and the specific operations planned. From this foundation, we design the ideal tank, procure raw materials and components, and proceed to manufacture the tank within the precision-controlled environment of our workshop. As needed, we perform rigorous pressure testing and weld quality inspections to uphold the highest quality standards. This comprehensive process culminates in the careful ground transportation and on-site installation of the tank.

Optional accessories for stainless steel tanks


Flaked surface

Cladding, shell

Bottom sitting design

Rotating spray head

Washing ball

Mixing device

Pomace conveyor screw

Floating lid

Control automation

Custom inlet and outlet stubs

Carbon steel material

Special interior surface treatment


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