Steel structure manufacturing

Steel structure manufacturing
Steel structures and professional accessory products

Steel structures and professional accessory products

Beyond our specialized tanks for the winery, chemical, and food industries, our expertise extends to manufacturing precision-engineered metal and steel structures. From inception, we have dedicated ourselves to creating industrial and winery walkways, stairs, and a range of accessory products that enhance both the functionality and safety of working at heights. We manufacture our products in alignment with food and chemical industry hygiene regulations, designing them to simplify operational and cleaning processes.

Primarily focusing on lightweight constructions, our portfolio includes the use of steel profiles, shaped steels, and hollow sections to produce a variety of structures. We offer bespoke design and construction services for platforms, gates, railings, and stairs, delivering an average of 180 meters of walkways each month.

Made from materials like acid-resistant and stainless steel, as well as aluminum, our products stand as a testament to our commitment to hygiene and safety excellence in industrial environments.

Our steel structure manufacturing references

Grape-Vine Pincészet


Weinhaus Borászat


Mészáros Pál Borászat


Bodri Pincészet


Koch Borászat


Fritz Borászat


Palásti Borászat


Schieber Pincészet


Gábor Pince


Custom solutions from design to installation

Understanding the unique operational needs of our partners, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to each specific environment. Following a thorough assessment of the site conditions, we collaborate closely with our clients to design metal and steel structures, which can be integrated with tanks and piping systems to form a comprehensive system. After pre-manufacturing in our facility, we transport and assemble the structural components on-site to ensure a seamless installation.

Stainless steel walkways

Stainless steel walkways

We offer a full suite of services for our industrial and winery walkways, encompassing custom design, manufacturing, transportation, and installation. We manufacture stainless steel walkways tailored to your facility’s specific requirements. Installation options include secure mounting on tank roofs or sidewalls, reinforced with structural elements such as stiffeners and tie-ins. Before initiating the design process, we conduct an on-site evaluation to accurately define the dimensions and adapt to any unique specifications requested by the client.

Our standard industrial and winery walkways are constructed with a stainless steel hollow section framework and covered with durable, anti-slip ribbed aluminum sheeting. Each walkway is designed with a practical width of 800 mm, complemented by 80 mm protective skirting and equipped with 1000 mm high safety railings.

Primary materials for construction

Dimensions (mm)

Material quality

Hollow sections

30 x 30 x 1,5


40 x 40 x 2


60 x 60 x 3


Aluminum checkered plate

3 x 1000 x 2000

Stairs, spiral stairs, and ladders

Stairs, spiral stairs, and ladders

To ensure secure access to walkways and tank roofs, our company manufactures stairs, ladders, and access ramps. These structures can be integrated into either existing operational settings or alongside our bespoke tank systems.

For environments such as breweries and wineries, we recommend stair structures that provide straightforward access to essential control points. Our designs include both straight and spiral staircases, tailored to fit the client’s functional requirements, aesthetic preferences, and the spatial dimensions of the site.

In larger-scale food processing facilities, we deploy ladder structures that are affixed directly to the tank walls. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, our access solutions are constructed with easily cleanable, anti-slip surfaces.

Winemaking and processing equipment

Winemaking and processing equipment

Our commitment to providing complete, turnkey solutions extends to a wide range of auxiliary products designed to enhance the automation and efficiency of winemaking and other food processing applications. As these industries increasingly move toward mechanization, replacing traditional manual labor, we support these transitions with impeccably designed, high-quality equipment tailored precisely to your operational objectives.

Winemaking equipment

Fogadó garatok, surrantók és szűrők mellett más fémszerkezetet is gyártunk akár borászati gépek számára.

We offer a complete line of stainless steel equipment essential for the modern winemaking process, starting from the initial grape processing steps. Our portfolio includes innovative solutions such as receiving hoppers, destemmers, and filters. Additionally, we specialize in automated systems like pomace conveyor screws, crucial for efficiently handling grape remnants post-juice extraction and during the later stages of red wine fermentation to facilitate pomace removal.

Cooling and ventilation systems

Hűtés-szellőzés berendezései

Effective temperature management within tanks is achieved through our custom-designed piping networks and heat exchangers. We engineer these systems to optimize performance and placement, ensuring seamless integration with your facility. Moreover, recognizing the importance of maintaining optimal work conditions, we offer complete HVAC installation services.


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