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Custom mixer and storage tanks for plant conditioning agents at Huminisz Ltd.

Founded in 2011, Huminisz Ltd. started producing natural, environmentally friendly yet effective and competitive plant conditioners and foliar fertilizers. Their production is spearheaded by experienced personnel dedicated to creating humic acid-based products, which have proven successful in the market.

Their primary product lines include Kondisol, which is produced using various physical and chemical solvent processes to extract vital organic materials from peat and worm humus. The Solvitis foliar fertilizer range provides plants with essential micro- and meso-elements in a form that is readily absorbable and efficiently utilized.

The task

We manufactured four 500-hectoliter agricultural chemical storage tanks and two custom-designed mixer tanks based on the client’s specifications, equipped with external heating jackets, internal heat exchangers, and baffles.

Special challenge

The plant conditioning agents are typically highly corrosive, necessitating that the storage tanks be constructed exclusively from high-quality, EN 1.4404 standard, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Our solution

It was imperative not only to fabricate the tank sides, bottoms, and tops but also all fittings from the appropriate grade of material. The delivery and installation of these sizable tanks also required meticulous coordination.

The project in numbers

Material quality

EN 1.4404

Total storage capacity

2000 hectoliters

Custom mixer tanks

2 units

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