Cellulose industry tank

Cellulose industry tank

Specialized 14-ton duplex steel tank manufactured for cellulose industry client

We successfully completed an exceptionally unique project by manufacturing a 14-ton duplex steel storage tank for a cellulose industry client. This endeavor was a collaborative effort with IMH Ltd. and required a total of 2,900 work hours. The tank was made to exacting specifications, required superior material quality, and involved specialized welding techniques.

The task

For our cellulose industry client, we manufactured a tank measuring 2600 mm in diameter and 25 meters in length, made from duplex steel according to precise plans. Due to its dimensions, the tank was not transportable by conventional road freight, and had to be installed in a vertical position within a hard-to-access interior side of a building.

Special challenge

This project presented a series of unique and complex challenges that demanded expert knowledge and meticulous planning. Durability against weather elements and aggressive chemicals was crucial in the manufacture of this industrial tank, necessitating the use of optimal material quality and welding technology.

The heat-sensitive crystalline structure of duplex steel required that the welding environment’s temperature be controlled between 50-150°C. Moreover, rolling such large elements posed technological limitations, hence creating the 90° bends at the end of the tank demanded a bespoke solution.

Due to its size, the tank was assembled at our facility in sections that were still manageable for road transport, with final assembly taking place on site.

Our solution

Our welding technique was developed with the support of welding engineers through test welds, which helped determine the optimal current, speed, and gas flow. The duplex steel tank was manufactured using a tandem welding process where welders simultaneously worked from the outside and inside in 5-10 cm sections. The material temperature was monitored with infrared cameras. The tank’s 90° bends were constructed by assembling segments sequentially.

The 14-ton tank was manufactured in 12-meter segments at our facility for easier transportation. The final assembly was carried out in the area before the plant, from where a 9-axle, 500-ton mobile crane lifted the tank into its designated place.

The project in numbers

Material quality

1.4462 duplex steel

Tank weight

14 tons

Total man-hours invested

2900 hours

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