Bősze Pincészet

Bősze Pincészet
Bősze Csaba borászata

Custom white wine fermentation tanks for Bősze Pincészet in Ászár

Csaba Bősze began winemaking in 2009 and bottled his first wine in 2012. His small family winery primarily supplies local restaurants and some shops, and also sells directly at events and on-site.

From the beginning, the winery almost exclusively used reductive winemaking techniques. In 2018, alongside constructing a new winery building, they embarked on technological advancements that approximately tripled their production capacity at that time.

The task

Our job was to create several custom-designed, closed white wine fermentation tanks ranging from 20 to 100 hectoliters.

Special challenge

The winery intended these tanks to create trendy, fresh, and flavorful white wines characteristic of their wine region. This required us to manage the cooling of the fermenting must and comprehensive fittings for complete control.

Our solution

We equipped the tanks with washing lines and washing spheres, level indicators, and thermometers, as well as cooling jackets, enabling precise control over the fermentation process. This allows the winemaker to create the exact quality and style of wine desired.

The project in numbers

Oval manhole

350 mm

Cooling loop pipe stub

1 col

Cooling jacket

1125 mm

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