Technical design of unique components

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Presentation of the activity

Our company undertakes the 3D modeling of unique machine elements, components and tools, as well as their design, together with the preparation of related technical drawings, design documentations. We furthermore undertake the preparation of machine shop drawings and machine industry assembly drawings. If that is necessary we will create the 3D model of a specific component based on a 2D drawing as well, according to the requested format and parameters.

In the possession of adequate information, we will also prepare the design documentations of the component(s). Of course, for this consultations are necessary, both in advance and in the process of designing, whereby the exact task becomes circumscribable. With the production-accurate technical drawings, price proposals can be requested from multiple component manufacturer-milling companies as potential subcontractors, the data of which can be exactly compared.

We undertake the manufacturing of prototypes, the printing of 3D components.

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