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Our concept was to be able to utilize the potential inherent in us. Our expert team is comprised of young, motivated persons who have travelled the world, who are able to combine modern technology with recognized Hungarian resourcefulness, youthful momentum, as well as European work ethics.

We try to adjust our range of activities to the industrial requirements in our vicinity: we are engaged in technological pipeline assembly, industrial ventilation technology, machine assembly and installation. We have participated in the periodic maintenance work of facilities in our vicinity, in our 200 m2 hall we can perform light steel structure manufacturing, milling, curving-arching tasks by means of our customized machines.



A process born of a creative idea that implements the idea. Based on the creative idea of the client, we contribute to its implementation with our expertise. We try to satisfy all requirements in the area of the manufacturing of unique machine components, from cogwheels to large diameter axels.

Our own equipment stock and the equipment stock of our subcontractors include NC and CNC controlled machines, radial drill, surface and cylindrical grinding machines, we are a constant supply partner of Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd. In several months long projects, we manufactured customized shaping components, in the process of which, we achieved the testing phase from the design, through modeling by five axis scans, to manufacturing by CNC equipment, where the instrument conformed with the high quality requirements.

We acknowledge that standing on several feet is essential in today’s world, our pipeline technicians as well as our qualified welders are able to compete in every industrial field. We constructed condensed water and steam pipelines at the site of Hamburger Hungária Ltd, we replaced chamber-gas pipes for ISD Power Ltd.

We are searching for challenges in the area of arc-welding, flame-welding, AWI and aluminum welding. We undertake the manufacturing of structures, stages, handrails of acid resistant and carbon steel materials, we repair and manufacture container tanks, we undertake the construction of acid resistant and galvanized ventilation technology systems.

In the periods of factory standstills we adapt to tight deadlines, we have performed the replacement of drives, drive motors, transmissions, curving and pressing cylinders to the satisfaction of many clients.


In contrast with heavily profit oriented companies seeking fast return of investment, we aspire to place the emphasis on creation, because creating anything not produced according to a recipe is joyful.

Our social commitment

Support and participation in the trash collection campaigns organized by the Ökologistic (Eco-logistic) Environmental Protection Foundation

Production of the billboard of Mosolykert Kindergarten in Kisapostag

Providing assistance to the Joint Evangelical Congregation of Dunaújváros-Kisapostag

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