Metal component manufacturing

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Presentation of the activity

We are at the disposal of our clients with many years of professional experience, as well as with a suitable equipment stock and technological background. We aspire to satisfy unique expectations from all aspects, we also undertake component manufacturing based on a technical drawing or a sample piece. The satisfaction of our clients is important to us, which we guarantee by accuracy, precision and our competitive prices. Our machine shop is suitable for the manufacturing of the most diverse unique components, small volume serial production, including a cogwheel, an axel or an agricultural machinery component.

Our company undertakes metal processing with conventional machines, the manufacturing of unique, small sized but complex geometry, heat-treated, grinded machine components, tools and machine units, the production of sample pieces as well as small volume series. At the same time, component manufacturing in medium and large volume series is possible on the equipment stock of our subcontractors, NC and CNC controlled machines. We perform milling and turning tasks with high precision, in a broad size range, we also undertake the coating and surface treatment of components.

  • Chipping
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Heat treatment
  • Coating

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